Use and care of SBA

The use and care of your soft body armour is essential in maintaining it’s viability throughout the warranted period of the armour. These instructions will provide you with some important guidelines on how to properly clean, assemble, adjust and maintain your armour. Your Body Armour System is composed of a front and back carrier and a front and back ballistic panel. During the assembly of your vest it is CRITICAL that the wearer ensures that the ballistic panels are inserted into the carrier with the STRIKE FACE facing away from the body. The label on the ballistic panel and on the carrier must be on the BODY SIDE.

1. Separate front and back carriers and lay exterior side down.
2. Open hook and loop opening on inside of carrier.
3. With label facing you gently fold the sides of the ballistic panel into the middle.
4. Insert the panel fully into the carrier and unfold the sides.
5. Reaching into the shoulder area, fully connect the hook and loop. Ensure no material is folded over.
6. Repeat for other shoulder.
7. Smooth out bottom of panel so that it lies flat within the carrier.
8. Re-attach the hook and loop opening.
9. Once the panels are inserted into both the front and back carrier, lay the front carrier on the back. Attach the shoulder flap from back to front, fully engaging the hook and loop.

Your vest is now ready to wear. With shoulder straps adhered, place assembly over your head. Make required adjustments on the waist using the side flaps. The vest should feel snug but not tight around chest and stomach. If too tight, loosen the attachment on sides. Adjust shoulder straps as required so that when standing the bottom of the panel sits approximately 1-2” above the duty belt. Sit down and ensure vest does not ride up into throat. Adjust shoulder straps as required.

Your Soft Body Armour System is designed to work as a system. The panels must be kept in good condition and fitted properly to your body. Panels must be properly suspended using the hook and loop attachment points in the carrier. Panels must be inserted so that the body side referenced on the label is towards the body.

Carrier Cleaning & Maintenance

▪ Remove ballistic panels prior to cleaning.
▪ Secure all attachments and closures to their intended positions.
▪ Refer to carrier label for wash instructions.

Ballistic Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

▪ Hand wash with a damp cloth, mild soap and water.
▪ Rinse well
▪ Do not dry clean or machine wash.
▪ Do not bleach.
▪ Do not iron.
▪ Do not hang in direct sunlight.
▪ Panels must be completely dry before inserting into carrier.


▪ Always store vest flat or on a hanger.
▪ Never fold or crease.
▪ Never store in direct sunlight.
▪ Never store items on top of the vest.



A Soft Body Armour System is to be inspected periodically for damage or wear. (Recommended each time the carrier is removed for cleaning)


▪ Verify there are no rips or tears in the fabric.
▪ Verify all hook and loop attachment points are secure. Remove any thread or lint from surface.
▪ Ensure there are no areas where the ballistic panel is exposed.


▪ Verify there are no rips or tears in the panel cover.
▪ Verify the ballistic material is not bunched up or folded.
▪ Verify hook fasteners are secure. Remove any thread or lint from surface.

Any damage to the panel cover where ballistic material is visible requires replacement of the panel. If you have any further questions, please contact PSP Customer Care 1-888-997-9923. (download a copy of these instructions)