Pacific Safety Products’ trauma packs reduce blunt force trauma over the critical center chest area to help reduce injury. The Trauma Packs are available in either ballistic fabric or hard metal configurations. Standard size for all 3 types of Trauma Packs is 5” x 8”.


PSP offers a variety of NIJ certified hard armour plates in different sizes to raise the level of ballistic protection to Level III or Level IV. Plates can also be provided with Spike and Edge protection. Please contact us for information on specific sizes, certifications, and protection levels.

All of PSPs’ tactical body armour has 10” x 12” plate pockets in both the front and back of the carrier. Many of our Patrol and Concealable carriers also offer plate pockets.


PSP’s Plate Harness holds front and rear 10” x 12” hard armour plates which allows an officer to quickly increase ballistic protection to level III or level IV when required.

Standard Features

Easy Donning: Quick donning on and off with elastic and hook and loop closure.
Top loading: Top loading plate with hook and loop closure for easy plate access.
Adjustable: Adjust the sides and shoulders for proper fit without compromising protection.
Colours: Black.

PSP can provide you with the badging you require for your vest or tactical clothing. We offer a wide variety of colours and sizes and can have them printed to meet your requirements. PSP will also affix customer supplied badging, emblems, name tags, etc. to your garments for a nominal fee.