Female Fit

Female Fit Side

To address the crucial design aspects that are necessary to provide a comfortable vest to female wearers, PSP assembled a team of female designers with combined industry experience of more than 50 years designing comfortable, ergonomic solutions in the apparel and armour industries. The new female contoured design incorporates an extensive range of sizes, patterns and shapes to provide a vest that is customized offer a unique fit to satisfy all shapes and sizes.

Unique Orthogonal Bias™ Design for Comfort and Protection

New challenges have been introduced with the stringent NIJ06 certification rules: added stiffness and weight are needed making it difficult to provide a naturally contoured product for the female market. We have countered this with innovative cutting and forming techniques to maximize comfort and performance. Our Orthogonal Bias™design provides smooth, contoured seams that eliminate bulk in the bust area for a natural, sculpted fit while absorbing impact energy more effectively than overlapped seaming.

Women’s Measurement Specifications Are Different

Sixty percent (60%) of women wear the wrong size bra. Few body armour companies get it right. We have added the rib cage measurement to help determine the cup size. The difference between the rib cage dimension and the full bust dimension helps us to verify the correct cup size ensuring that the customer will be comfortable.

Cup grading is important. The same chest size changes in its graded dimension as the cups increase. The curvature at the waistline is also affected by the cup size and it is important to create the correct butting or overlap protection on the sides of the body. Incorrect waist contours can also interfere with the access to the use of equipment.

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