EXPLOSAFE® blankets are tested and proven to provide additional protection for workers in the event of an electrical explosion or blast in confined spaces or adjacent to energized cables or circuits.

  Superior Protection
  • Made from the same high performance and fire resistant aramid fibers found in the most advanced body armour.
  • Maximizes safety in hazardous work areas.
  • Rigorously tested at several utilities and research laboratories.
  • Provides electrical blast protection for 28,000 volts, 10 cycles and 10,000 amps and up to 40,000 amps.
  Advanced Design
  • Designed to maximize maneuverability in limited working spaces.
  • The standard 5’x8’ blanket weighs approximately 10lbs.
  • Comes with a standard versatile fastening system and can be installed and removed, quickly and easily, by a single operator.
  • Durable carabiners which are fastened to the blanket with high strength webbing are used to secure the EXPLOSAFE™ blanket to nearby exiting mounts for permanent or temporary installation.
  • Blankets are made with a fire retardant ripstop shell to protect the aramid layers from damage.
  Standard and Custom Solution
  • If the standard 5’ x 8’ blanket does not satisfy your demanding application, we will work with you to custom design an EXPLOSAFE™ blanket that will meet your specific requirements.
  Dedicated to Work Safety
  • PSP is constantly developing innovative materials and designs to provide even greater on the job protection for workers in high risk environments.
  • Invest in safety and prevent costly injury.
  • Protect workers from injury due to dielectric and mechanical explosion.
  • Complies with O.S.H.A. regulation requiring thermal protective equipment in confined or enclosed spaces.